Something new: the husband and wife.

Something borrowed:  the Mayan land.

Something blue: the sky and the ocean in its different tones.

Something old: Love


Light, faith, smiles, joy, bliss, dreams… were some of the feelings and emotions that Judit & Alejandro transmited on their wedding day, as if a premonitory list had already pointed them out.


The “something blue” from the wedding tradition reached out not only to the sky and water, but to Alejandro’s tie, the bridesmaid dresses and Judit eyeshadow.

We were amazed by a flock of pelicans that seemed to have chosen the precise moment to overfly the Mayan Blessing adorning it with its natural beauty.

Jesus from the altar as a witness, in a gold and silver cross, blessed this affectionate Alliance.


It was easy to have stunning photos of the bride who looked splendid crowned with White flowers contrasting her brunette hair.

From that day on, not only two people joined, but two families.



wedding make-up

making up the bridewords of love on the wall

Bride in the mirrorBride leaving your words of love on the tree

Bride putting ring

bouquet, rings and bridal magazinesBride leaving on the door

grooms entering the chapel

couple walking to the chapel on the playa del carmenWedding couple sitting in the shrinecrucifijolaughing couple holding handsCouple hugging strongpreparing the Mayan shaman ceremony

shaman, grooms and doves flying in the Mayan ceremonyshaman y grooms in the Mayan ceremonyshaman, grooms and doves flying in the Mayan ceremonychaman y novios en la ceremonia mayagrooms throwing flower petals offerings

bride and groom holding handscouples with familycouple kissingcouple kissing at sunsetcouple on the beachcouple with momMr. Mrs.all you need in love on the beach



“Count your age by friends, not years. Count your life by smiles, not tears.” 

                                                                                                                                 John Lennon