Why Riviera Maya is the Perfect Location for your Elopement Wedding: Cenotes


Choosing the right venue for your Elopement Wedding is easy when you know what to expect of each location and Riviera Maya has an infinite natural beauty to offer. We have listed three locations to show you why it is the Perfect location for your Elopement Wedding:


Cenotes - The Mystical Ancient Waters 


Sure, you have heard about these natural pits with crystal waters that date to ancient memorial times! There are reasons why the most adventurous couples give in their love in a place filled with mystical energies. The Cenotes teach us about resilience, beauty and evolution to the ages, essential elements to learn in any relationship.


Now, why choose this location for your elopement wedding? Find out below:


1- Live with the four elements

There is no doubt you will connect with nature and the elements: earth, air, water and... fire? Yes, fire!.


Walk the ancient lands, we recommend doing it barefoot (is a must!) to feel all the mud and dirt to connect with earth.



Listen the jungle sounds, feel the breeze and the trees' tropical song to connect with air.



Bath in mystical and calm crystalline waters to connect with water.



Last but not least, the sun will illuminate and spark the flame of love on everything that surrounds you to connect with fire.



2- The Ceremony

This location is perfect for Mayan ceremonies, cacao and temazcal ceremonies or any symbolic ceremony!



3- The Moments

To convince you, we have curated some of the best moments we have captured in Cenotes. Click on the photo to find out more!.








If you want us to capture That Moment for you do not hesitate to contact us to make out the most of your Elopement Wedding Location.


We invite you to stay tuned for our next blog entry to learn about the second location we have tailored to help you choose the right one for your elopement wedding.