Now you know about two of the wonder Riviera Maya has to offer for your perfect Elopement Wedding such as the Cenotes and Beaches however you may be wondering if there is any other secret place to discover


Lagoons – Colors of Wonders



Having your Elopement Wedding in any lagoon over the Riviera Maya is the perfect union between nature and convenience as you not only will be able to enjoy all the different colors of the water the lagoons has to offer or the jungle that normally surrounds it but also these spaces may have all the commodities you were looking for


We will tell you our top reasons to celebrate your love here


1- Convenience for Honeymoon

Normally the lagoons have accommodation nearby to enjoy a pleasant honeymoon after your Elopement wedding. From luxury hotels to more intimate villas, you will have a wide variety of options to choose



2- The Setting & Ceremony

You can choose from a variety of settings according to your ceremony. You can either do the ceremony under Palapas or out in the open next to the lagoon.




For the ceremony you can go traditional, Mayan or any symbolic ceremony



3- Best Time for Lagoon Elopement Wedding

This one may be a bit tricky and hard to choose, not because is complex but because of the different colors you can find in the lagoon according to the time of the day. We invite you to check our Beach review as the same rules apply here




4- Boldness is Key!

Water will always be crystal clear which is perfect for a trash the dress or underwater shootings for the fantastic visibility the offer. Have you tried even an underwater ceremony? You can do this and more in any lagoon in Riviera Maya!



5- That Moment

If you are excited and want to see more, check out some of the best moments we have captured in lagoons and do not forget to click on the photo to find out more





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