Why Riviera Maya is the Perfect Location for your Elopement Wedding: Beach


If you have been following our Why Riviera Maya is the Perfect Location for your Elopement Wedding series, you will know that Cenotes are just a piece of the unique and unforgettable destination elopement wedding puzzle. Please do yourself a favor and check it out if you have not seen our first part yet, you are just on time! 

Beach - The Caribbean Love Story 



The appeal of having your ceremony on the beach is simplicity and elopement weddings benefits from this with more freedom than traditional weddings! There are countless reasons to celebrate your union by the song of the waves with an oceanfront view and pristine marble sands under the tropical Caribbean sun.


You can choose the time of the day, the setting or no setting at all, your ceremony and up to 130 kilometers of coast and islands to choose your venue! With our pro-tips we will guide you to make the most out of your beach elopement wedding.


1- Follow the Rules

The first thing to consider when choosing your venue is to check with your planner if you need a permit to celebrate your union at the beach. Skip the research and trust your planner, they know the area and will counsel you on the best venues and if a permit is needed in any case.



2- Sunrise or Sunset? The Best Time for a Beach Elopement Wedding!

You may be wondering what is the best time to celebrate your union but you should be asking yourself: what moments do we want to capture and why is this so important?


Early morning ceremony could be done from 8:00 AM to 11:00 AM. You can do a previous shooting to the ceremony by sunrise from 6:00 AM to 7:00 AM according to the season if you are an early bird couple, the results are stunning! Also, you won't scorch with the heat as the sun is not at its peak time.



Late afternoon ceremony could be done from 4:00 PM to 7:00 PM and you can arrange a previous shooting to the ceremony like the Getting Ready followed by the ceremony and a just married shooting after by sunset from 6:00 PM to 7:00 PM according to the seasons. This is our recommended option is you do not like waking up early and love the sunset's romantic colors!



Midday ceremony could be done from noon to 3:00 PM, you may consider this time if you can bear the heat from the sun but you won't have different settings like with the sunrise and sunset however photos and videos will have optimal contrast!



 3- Be Natural

Go for a lightweight silk, chiffon, tulle or linen dress with light and natural pastel colors such as coral, beige, peach, violet, pink or white.



Avoid any dark colors if you value your body temperature, believe me the heat can be unbearable if you choose any dark color specially for the groom attire and the last thing you want is a fried to be husband!



Ditch the shoes and heels! Instead, pamper your feet in the saloon they will be the best shoes you will ever have and the resulting photos and video will be more natural.



Last but not least, flowers will style up your attire and your creativity is the limit! Trust the Florist and bring up all your ideas, they will be happy to make your bouquet, flower crown, boutonniere, bracelets and even flower anklets!



4- The Setting and Ceremony

Some couples prefer to have a simple wedding arch while others go for more elaborated settings with different shapes flowers and decoration and some others prefer to not have any setting at all. It will all depend on your preference for that special date.




This location also does wonders for traditional ceremonies, Mayan ceremonies or any symbolic ceremony!


5- That Moment

For your inspiration we have selected some of the best moments we have captured on the beaches. Click on the photo to find out more!








If you want us to capture That Moment for you do not hesitate to contact us to make out the most of your Elopement Wedding Location. 


We invite you to stay tuned for our next blog entry to learn about the third and last location we have tailored to help you choose the right one for your elopement wedding.