A wedding with a unique style, filled with joy, details and love.


Valerie & Juan allowed us to tell a story full of life throughout their photographs. 


The wedding took place in a luxurious hotel in the Riviera Maya, the Grand Palladium Hotel, one of our favourite ones to carry out these kind of ceremonies throughout the year.


The bride and groom chose a place blessed by the Mayan gods, who in turn blessed their lovely union. One of the gods that assisted to the ceremony was Tepeu who the Mayan mithology describes as the god of the sky, the one that participated in the three attempts to create humanity.


Down here in this world, the bride and groom counted on their loved ones, their family members and friends who supported and celebrated this sweet alliance.




groom grooming his sonboyfriend with her son and her mother preparing for wedding

Groom looking out the windowGrooms ringsbride putting her baby dress for weddinglaughing bride with her baby

girl dressgroom waiting with his suitGroom with best friends weddingbride and groom together in the chapelgirlfriend giving a speechcouple kissing

they throw rice at the bride and groomgrooms, family and friends providechild sleeping with grandma at the weddingcouple at sunset

Grooms in the evening on the cruise

Grooms in the evening on the cruisewith a barbecue at the cruiserboyfriends and family in the limousineFather of the Bride talkingwhile his friend spoke the bride criedthe parents of the bride and groom dance and laughthe baby hugs your fatherthe bride throws the bouquet to her friendsgroom throws his tie to friends



“A dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream you dream together is reality.” 

                                                                                                                                               John Lennon